Introducing WorldTown Cosmetics Co.

Posted by Nicole Speer on

Welcome to our first blog post.

WorldTown Cosmetics Co. is an active member in the Calgary makeup artist community and as such, we thought it would be beneficial to provide a platform to communicate with our colleagues and  individuals who have an interest in health and beauty.

Our posts will revolve around events, application techniques and tips, photo shoots, feature blogs by other local talent & education towards conscious consumerism. Our tutorials will range from beginner to advanced and cover a wide range of topics, looks and styles.

As part of our goal to build up Calgary’s creative and sustainable health and beauty community, we want to create a comfortable environment allowing our members the opportunity to communicate freely and without judgement. We encourage all makeup artists, beauty bloggers, fashionistas, and other businesses that love Eco-beauty like we do, to contact us to submit pieces of their own. Together we will create a strong community of like minded individuals, and help one another grow through the sharing of ideas, interests and information.

While we get the ball rolling, you can expect to see a new post every week for the first month, and then bi-weekly thereafter. While we do have an extensive list of topics we plan to cover, it is equally important to focus on the things you want to hear about. All comments will be reviewed and responded to in order to ensure your voice is heard.

Join us next week as we discuss how the WorldTown Cosmetics Co. brand came to be. We will dive into detail on what drove us to open the store, and the positive impacts we hope to achieve.

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