The Four Seasons, Tribute To Alphonse Mucha: Fall

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Welcome to Fall, the third installment of Four Seasons, our tribute to Alphonse Mucha.

This session in the series revolves around one of our favourite seasons, fall.

Our challenge for this shoot was to incorporate the darker tones associated with the fall season into our shoot while maintaining the thematic and visual details that tie the last two sessions together. We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather and we capitalized on the opportunity. The fall colours worked seamlessly with the rich hues of the wardrobe . . . a custom made piece by Kitty Hardy.

Fall has a very identifiable and unique colour palette, and we really wanted to let that guide us with our styling and location, resulting in strong thematic look in hair, makeup, wardrobe and backdrop. 

Once again our team has really pushed each other to extend our creative boundaries. It's so exciting to witness our growth and development as we work together, with each shoot becoming more refined in the process.

We want to take a moment to remark on the incredible cape made by Kitty’s Bohemian Boutique. It feels like this piece completed our look and really tied everything together.

Our final shoot for the season of Winter is in the works, and we are so excited to complete this project so we can share it with all you art lovers in its complete form.

 Our Team

From left to right:

Monique Duguay of Jerome Salon – colour technician and lighting
Madi Speer – Model
Megan Renyard of Jerome Salon – hair styling
Nicky Speer of WorldTown Cosmetics Co. – concept, makeup artist, and creative director
Kitty Hardy of Kitty's Bohemian Boutique – wardrobe and styling
Steve Speer of FourByFive – concept, photography and photo editing

Products used:

Complexion: FitGlow Beauty: Vita Active Foundation in VF2, Eye Bright, Sculpt
Concrete Minerals: Blood & Guts, Still ill

Eyes: Sugarpill Cosmetics: 2am, Poison Plum, BulletProof, Penelope
Concrete Minerals: Blood & Guts, Napalm, Still ill
Velour Lashes: See Through (coming soon)

Brows: Concrete Minerals: Bandit, Risqué
Lit Cosmetics: Forever Wear base, Kiss size 2

Lips: FitGlow Beauty: lipstick in Aura
Sugarpill Cosmetics: Countess, Stella

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