Tribute to Alphonse Mucha: The Four Seasons, Creating Spring

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The Concept: Inspired by turn of the century art nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, and our undying love for nature. We wanted to create a visual project to connect our synergy with that of nature, and invoke the feeling that the natural world is one of fantasy and wonder. The art nouveau movement of the early 1900s embodied free flowing, natural lines and Alphonse Mucha was a master of this look. His paintings and illustrations were considered to be instrumental in helping to define this movement and we strove to honour this look in our photographs.

The Team: To create a multi platform, long term project it is essential to build a team of like minded, motivated, creative individuals. Each member of the team has their own strengths, and everyone has a job to do. Our team for this shoot consists of:

Nicky Speer (WorldTown Cosmetics Co.) – Concept creation, makeup artistry,
art direction and project management
Megan Renyard (Jerome Salon) – Hair styling
Monique Duguay (Jerome Salon) – Hair colour and lighting
Steve Speer (Four by Five) – Concept creation, photography & image editing
Models: Noelle Payne (Spring & Winter) Madi Speer (Summer & Fall)

We start with the season of ‘Spring’. Our muse radiates a soft, pastel like, ethereal presence. Her fair skin untouched by the sun, she is delicate like the blooming flower petals she represents. Under the leafy protective canopy of the trees she is at one within her element. A comfortable breeze moves through Thompson’s Park, we are ready to shoot…

Our next Blog post will feature the full portfolio from this portion of the project. We will be posting the other three "seasons" as we shoot them. . . stay tuned!

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