Why WorldTown Cosmetics?

Posted by Nicole Speer on

Besides being Calgary’s first and only stockist of the best independent beauty brands on the market, we offer another unique opportunity for our customers.

Unleash your inner super power, your power of consumerism, the vote of your mighty dollar. You can contribute to the positive impacts on your life, your community, your city, and your planet more than you can imagine.

We are here to help promote and educate the amazing benefits of shopping local, and supporting small and independent businesses. The benefits are endless, but let's start with some that hit close to home.

Economic growth! The best way to contribute to a healthy economy, is to spend money with small business, it is proven that when this happens more money ends up circulating back into the community. Bonus when you're supporting good ethics in production, and manufacturing at home!

Independent businesses have more to lose by selling a less than satisfactory product. Because we don't have ‘big brand recognition’ we have to earn your trust, by keeping our products and customer service at the highest standard possible!

This means no cutting corners, no cheap fillers, effective ingredients, and reasonable price points.

Be part of our community. We want to encourage that trusting relationship with retailers and consumers, one that feels like a real connection. With us you have an opportunity to support brands that support you back. Let's build a community of beauty lovers, let's be unique, let's love ourselves and one another.

That's why we chose to be WorldTown Cosmetics Co.

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