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Welcome to this months blog post! February was a busy month for us with lots of events and photo shoots, but we will have to tell you more about those at a later date :)

Today's post is all about YouTube; there is a LOT to sift through on there, especially if you are looking for tutorial or product based information. Anyone can start up a YouTube channel and often, (like the r

est of the internet) there's a lot of misinformation out there.

We are going to start this list with our favourite information based channels and move into our favourite creative and fun channels.

A personal note: my selections are based on what appeals to me personally, I'm not into over energized, flashy, or ‘unprofessional’ content. However I greatly respect those out there who prefer loads of personality in their videos. It's just preference 😉 you do you boo!

First two are hard to choose between, but I think I'll start with the one who has been doing it the longest.

  1. The one and only Wayne Goss

This channel is amazing for everyone from beginners to veterans. This is one I recommend for upping your game technically, you can expect each step to be broken down and explained thoroughly, with language we all understand. As well as very honest product reviews and demos.

YouTube Link



  1. Jordan Liberty

Taking over-the-top trends and turning them into everyday wearable looks, Jordan Liberty’s makeup tutorials are PRACTICAL (my favourite thing about him). His work is always clean, and he provides his demos on models so you get a full range of face shapes, skin tones, eye shapes etc. I recommend this channel for anyone who wants a no bull approach to makeup trends, and how they translate to real life.

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  1. Stephanie Nicole

Some may find her a bit dry, but I love her straight forward consistent approach as she reviews products. You get the feeling that you are getting straight up honesty from a critical and analytical mind. I recommend this channel for those who are apprehensive about purchasing hyped up new products. Not one for hopping on the band wagon she has no problem giving honest reviews with in depth explanations as to her ‘why.’ 

YouTube Link


  1. DeShawn Hatcher

So this channel likely has more value for working industry professionals, however I do find a lot of her info is translatable to other areas in life. Her videos all revolve around how to be your best self as a professional and help in navigating the do’s and dont’s when it comes to success and industry etiquette. Again if you are just beginning your makeup career or have been in the biz a long time, this channel is guaranteed to be full of useful information.

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  1. Vintage or Tacky

Cora takes her channel beyond the realm of makeup and shares her body positive journey with tips on wardrobe and hair too. Keeping the vibe upbeat, informative, and stimulating, looks evolve around everyday to glam. Plus her personality is totally relatable.

YouTube Link


K moving into the fun stuff!


  1. Ah it's Rosa

Beyond cute, Rosa’s channel mainly specializes in colourful playful tutorials that can really inspire and get you thinking creatively about how you wear colour (especially if you are looking for some new ways to wear your Lit Cosmetics & Sugarpill.) I find her videos really enjoyable to watch thanks to her bubbly, yet down to earth personality, and her experimental yet wearable looks.

YouTube Link


  1. Glam and Gore AKA Mykie

Like the Channel says, you're gonna get a healthy mix of beauty and well… Halloween. This channel definitely has some techniques and looks that cater to a more advanced crowd, (lots of special effects) and I would steer clear if you get creeped out easily. That aside Myki’s videos are always top notch quality, and her personality is the icing on the cake.

YouTube Link


  1. Sokolum79

Canadian based, industry veteran Sokolum79 caters to the creative and alternative crowd. Her personal style is often translated through her work which gives it a genuinely unique feel. Though most all of her tutorials will not help out with your day to day routine, if you want to push your comfort zone or get some great Halloween look ideas, this channel won't leave you feeling disappointed.

YouTube Link


Thanks for reading everyone! Feel free to share with us your favourite YouTube channels and artists.


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