About WorldTown

 Situated in the historic, Alberta Block in downtown Calgary, WorldTown Cosmetics Co. is a retail cosmetics business which focuses on independent, ethical brands. The concept is created
 by Nicky Speer, a professional make-up artist and
 beauty product retailer. With a passion for her planet
 and the desire to do her part towards sustainability,
 the WTC concept will 
provide sustainable, ethical and cruelty free products and 
focus attention on the positive aspects of caring
 for our planet.

WorldTown Cosmetics Co. is dedicated to helping each individual express inner confidence regardless of their daily beauty routine. Beauty is not defined by a specific look or style. It’s what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

Maybe you need a little help along the way, help in discovering our own true radiance ... WTC is here to help you along that path.

WTC understands that humans contribute to a healthy planet and that our fragile eco
system needs to be attended to and protected. With consumer awareness at an all time high our goal is to create an environment where company and consumer come together under a common banner of awareness, trust, and understanding.