About WorldTown

Makeup that Matters

Welcome to WorldTown Comsetics Co. Canada's #1 retailer of unique and hard to find Independent Beauty Brands that promise social responsibility, created with the highest quality standards to allow you to achieve other-wordly beauty!

We know navigating the world of conscious consumerism can be tricky and even intimidating. We also understand not everyone has the same focus, but we are here to make it easy for you. On each of our products it is easy to find important details and full ingredient listings, plus brand info and back story on each of our brands.

We are 100% cruelty free. We are 98% vegan.

We carry a wide range of organic and locally made.

 Everyone deserves to experience the luxury of working with professional products without compromise. Each of our products and brands are tested and vetted by owner and founder Nicky Speer to ensure they perform up to professional standards, and so that we may pass along any tips or application info from experience of use.

With consumer awareness at an all time high, our goal is to create an environment where company and consumer come together under a common banner of awareness, trust, and understanding. We welcome all who seek to make a difference, because we are One World, One Town.